Tranquebar – 3 nights

The Neemrana Hotel Group in India is famous for restoring ruins and turning them into hotels which retain the original ambience from the eras when they were at their prime. They have some truly stunning properties all across the country. At Tharangambadi, formerly known as Tranquebar, they have a monopoly on accommodation as their 17th century ‘Bungalow on the Beach’ is the only place to stay in the former Dutch, Danish and British Colonial heritage village. It was only through an off season special offer of 3 nights for the price of 2 that the place fell within our  £55 daily budget. This deal however meant we were forced to stay 3 nights in an eeirly quiet period property with enourmous rooms and a gorgeous pool instead of the planned one. Adventures can be so tough. 

The train journey delivering us to Tranquebar was pleasant enough until a ‘prawn lady’ embarked and proceeded to dump her takings on the floor beside us.

Once we arrived- and after Jess had stopped bouncing with excitement when presented with her room for the next few nights – we explored the village briefly. Briefly because the place is essentially a tiny fishing village with a stretch of beach, a Danish Fort and some restored colonial housing. Each impressive in their own right, but after a 5k jog you’ve seen all there is to see in Tranquebar. This left us with two full lazy days of reading, swimming and Tranquebar tranquility. By God we were ready for it – being a tourist can be surprisingly exhausting.

Our swimming pool turned out to be the local watering hole for various species of birds including some regal looking kingfishers who swooped down into the water and then perched beside us to clean their beaks. My favourite poolside moment however was a hilarious and intriguing face off between a swimming Jess and a hovering sea eagle. …

The swimmer spotted the large raptor and abandoned her stroke, impressed with its size and entranced by its proximity… 

The eagle slowly descended, wanting a better look at whatever had been thrashing in the water…

Doubts about safety began to appear in the mind of the swimmer but the sheer ridiculousness of the situation kept them at bay…

Circling and staring, the eagle showed no signs of its curiosity waning… 

Still smiling, albeit a tiny bit nervously now, the swimmer called a nearby sunbather to share the experience…’Lee. Birds don’t eat people. Do they?’ 

When he arrived, as if to make a point, the feathered beast in the sky completed another 5 minutes worth of circles before soaring over the bungalow and out of sight. 

We loved our time here. In the picture gallery, among others, you’ll see Jess terrifying a tiny villager with a tube of toothpaste, some unusual coloured chicks being sold by the road side, a dead dog discovered on a morning run and a couple of men who have lost their faith in our saviour. Yes. A strange place.. but we loved it. 


2 thoughts on “Tranquebar – 3 nights

    1. Thanks Nanna! We’re a bit behind due to hopping around a bit and the exhaustion of overnight sleeper buses but will update as soon as possible! hope you are well? Lots of love xxx


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