Fort Kochi – 3 nights

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Today we departed Fort Kochi and made our way up the Western Ghats towards Munnar (Hill station).

Three days was enough time to spend in FC and a good start to our South Indian travels. A few things we experienced included witnessing the iconic Chinese fishing nets in action, watching  a traditional Kathakali theatre performance, our first tuk tuk around town to run erands, and refreshing ourselves with afternoon tea in a tea cafe. 

Our homestay was good and we certainly were not left to starve! Fish curry, vegetable thali, and banana and coconut pancakes are the favourites so far…as well as tons of chai tea which is delicious but addictive. 

The last two mornings we’ve also taken part in some yoga classes which we hope to keep up as we travel around. All the more atmospheric on the roof of the building when the rain is hammering down.

…talking of which, it is of course monsoon season here at the moment so it does rain a lot, but usually just in brief heavy bursts and so far we’ve not got too wet at all. 


8 thoughts on “Fort Kochi – 3 nights

  1. Fantastic photo of you both on the elephant. Ana said is the elephant you favourite animal so far? Other photos are fab xx take care xx.


      1. Well… we haven’t seen any but they are appearing on menus occasionally. We saw a peregrine falcon today which was perched on a rock high up on a mountain and….we also saw… a GIANT GRIZZLED SQUIRREL! X


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